Awesome Geographic Resources

For Teachers
Geography Presentations by theme  

Some Geography Basics
Why does the earth have seasons?
Latitude and Longitude
Anatomy of an Earthquake

Great Map Resources
Air Pollution in Asia- in real time

Cool Map Videos
Countries within Countries
42 Amazing Maps

Cool Cultural Geography Resources
Why do those countries end in "stan"?
TED Talk- Dreams from endangered cultures
Dollar Street

Great photos
Photos of 16 children from around the world and their bedrooms
Photos of weekly food intake/expenditure from families around the world
The Stunning Speed of Urban Development

Great Cultural Geography Videos
Modern Marvels- Inside the Panama Canal
U.S./Canada- Bizarre Borders- Part 2
TED Talk- America's native prisoners of war

How to help Africa? Do business there
TED Talk- How Poachers Became Caretakers

TED Talk- India's "soft power"
What does the rise of Asian countries look like in terms of economics 
and longevity over the past 200 years?
The World's Most Polluted City- Part I
The World's Most Polluted City- Part II
Ideas for India's Future
The Generation that's Remaking China
The Attitudes that Sparked the Arab Spring

Great Physical Geography Footage
Glacier melting timelapse
Timelapse from an icebreaker ship
Deforestation in Brazil- 2000-2010
The Global Pulse of Fire

Great Contest

Cool Historical Footage
Early footage of London
1906 Video of Market Street San Francisco
Summer in NYC- 1939

Alltime 10s

Cool Geography Games
Geography Zone

Maybe The Hardest Geography Game Around

Cool Sites
National Geographic Education Page

Association of American Geographers

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