Challenge 7- Blown Up and Border Patrol

In case you need a little more help with relative location... here is Blown Up!  Please label the countries (and if you can the capitals and features) for the countries in the image and those around it.

Blown Up!

The Americas

Border Patrol

Now that you have a solid understanding of the relative locations of each region, let's see how you do with Border Patrol.  For each region there is a separate pdf with some outlined countries on them.

First- Identify the country that is completely outlined
Second- Draw out the bordering countries (you might want to make them a little smaller than is correct, in order to save space for the others
Third- If you would like to push yourself, add in the physical features and landmarks that are in the region
Fourth- Check your work against an atlas

If you can do this successfully, then we can certainly say that you have a mastery of the location of the countries in each region.

The Americas
Southwest and South Asia
Southeast and East Asia
North Asia

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